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ADF Linea 85 & 100 Freestanding Wood Fireplace Series


*Price is for the Linea 85 only and does not include optional extras. Please contact us for more information.

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The 85 &100 series is all about contemporary lines and a strong sense of style. Expertly constructed by some of the world’s finest craftsman ADF incorporates their heritage and time-honoured tradition into every design.

Acquiring an ADF wood burning fireplace isn’t simply insuring heating solution for your home; it is comfort, dependability, well-being and a work of art.


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Linea 85 Bespoke Specifications

Heat Output 13.1kW ave Peak
Efficiency 72% peak (63% ave)
Coverage up to 200m²
Emissions 0.8 grams/kg


Linea 100 Bespoke Specifications

Heat Output 17.0kW ave Peak
Efficiency 70% peak (64% ave)
Coverage up to 250m²
Emissions  1.2 grams/kg




● Constructed using high-strength 5mm quality black steel

● Automatic flue damper system significantly reduces smoke ingress to the room on re-fuelling

● High density vermiculite lining system insulates the combustion chamber, providing better heat reflection

● Superior air wash system keeps the glass clean for unparalleled fire viewing

● Removable door handle, ensures a cool touch when stoking or refueling the fire

● Vertical smoke exit through the top



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