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Lopi Flush Wood Medium NexGen Insert Wood Fireplace



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*Price is for the Flush Wood Medium – with either Shadow Box Black Face or Time Square Black Face models only and does not include optional extras. Please contact us for more information.


The Lopi Flush Wood Medium features low emissions of only 1.1 g/Kg making this insert one of the cleanest burning wood heaters on the market. With a peak efficiency of 71% this wood insert is designed to perform whilst burning for up to 10 hours.

This streamlined Lopi offers the option of five faces, all featured to the left. The options of faces including the ShawdowBox and Times Square offer a unique look when compared to the traditional characteristics of the others inserts within the range.

The ShadowBox and Times Square faces are designed for those wanting straighter lines to fit with a more contemporary design. For a finish with a little more detail there is the Metropolitan and Universal. The lopi Flush Wood is standard with a quiet blowers for increased convention heat.



Construction 9.5 – 6mm Steel Plate
Firebox Size .06 Cubic Metres
Installation Type Masonry/Chimney – Option for Zero Clearance
GreenStart™ Compatible Optional
Fan Optional




The GreenStart igniter has made getting your fire burning as convenient as pushing a button. Additionally all of the mess of starting a fire with matches and newspapers is no longer part of the process. The new GreenStart system instantly elevates combustion temperatures within your stove, immediately establishes a draft and eliminates the slow and smoky typical wood fireplace start up. Never before has getting your wood fire burning been so simple.

Please click here to download the Greenstart brochure


Zero Clearance Box 


The Zero clearance box allows both Lopi Flush models to be installed into a combustible wall with minimum clearances without brick or block work using the framing dimensions. To find out more please click here.


Face Options:

Shadowbox Black

Times Square 




Optional Mantels:

Hewn Timber Effect Concrete Mantel & Legs

Hand Hewn Timber Mantel

Polished Concrete Mantel


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