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Lopi Republic 1250 Freestanding Wood Fireplace


RRP from $2,299 * – excluding flue kit and installation

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*Price is for the Republic 1250 with legs model only and does not include optional extras. Please contact us for more information.


The Lopi Republic 1250 is designed to heat smaller homes or for heating specific areas or rooms. Its features include large radiant heat transfer surfaces, fully lined ceramic brick firebox, heavy-duty steel construction.

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Heating Capacity  Up to 160Sqm
Maximum Burn Time   Up to 8 Hours
Efficiency  Up to 72%
Emissions 1.5g/Kg
Construction 9.5 – 6mm Steel Plate
Firebox Size  .05 Cubic Mtre
 Maximum Log Size   457mm
Fan  Optional




Optional Fan
The Republic 1250 is a radiant and natural convection heater. An optional blower is available in order to increase the amount of convection heat. The blower simply installs to the underside rear of the unit and can be added at a later date if necessary.


Outside Air Kit
Ideal for air tight homes as it allows the air to be drawn from outside of the home to the fireplac


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