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Lopi ProBuilder 36 Clean Face Insert Gas Fireplace



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The ProBuilder™ 36CF features clean lines and contemporary styling, this fireplace is understated elegance suitable in any home. The beautiful tall flames dance around the firebox on an elevated staged ‘Dancing-Fyre™’ burner.

We use the term “clean face” to describe a style of fireplace that features a simple trim rather than grills or decorative designer facing. This “clean face” look focuses all the attention on the tall, elegant profile and beautiful fire of the ProBuilder 36CF.

The ProBuilder 36CF is designed with an angled firebox to provide radiant heat through the huge fire viewing glass, plus natural convection from the five-sided convection chamber, delivering optimum warmth with or without the use of a fan.

This model comes standard with GreenSmart Basic which features a wall switch as standard. There is an optional remote control which allows the user to switch the fireplace on/off and also control the thermostat.

The Optional CoolSmart Wall allows you to install a TV or artwork  (recessed or face mounted) lower down on the wall above the fireplace.

Also available as a double sided fireplace option with either Deluxe Oak Log Set or Deluxe Birch Log Set.

**Heating capacity varies according to the size of closed off area, ceiling height, floor plan, insulation and outside air temperature.



Mj Input  26Mj High – 15Mj Low NG / 14Mj Low LPG
Installation Type  Zero Clearance
Fan  Twin Fans
Burner System  GreenSmart Basic
Remote Control  Optional


Options (Additional costs)

Liners: Black Glass Liner / Common Brick Liner

Coolsmart Wall Option for wall mounted TV’s above fireplace

Basic Wall Mount Remote


Coolsmart Wall Option

for wall mounted TV’s above fireplace


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