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ADF Hayra 85L Freestanding Wood Fireplace


*Price is for the Hayra 85L only and does not include optional extras. Please contact us for more information.

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Performance, design and dependability are just a few of the attributes of the Hayra 85 L. This elegant wood-burning fireplace if a perfect choice for those looking for a design solution without sacrificing functionality. The Hayra 85 L provides a considerable 13.1kW of heat output with an average of 63% efficiency. Exhibiting all the traits that come with every ADF fire, these fires represent a strong tradition of workmanship, all whilst beautifully and efficiently distributing comfort and warmth. Acquiring an ADF wood burning fireplace isn’t simply insuring heating solution for your home; it is comfort, dependability, well-being and a work of art.

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Heat Output 13.1kW ave Peak
Efficiency 72% peak (63% ave)
Coverage up to 200m²
Emissions 0.8 grams/kg

Features ● Built in base included ● Constructed using high-strength 5mm quality black steel ● Automatic flue damper system significantly reduces smoke ingress to the room on re-fuelling ● High density vermiculite lining system insulates the combustion chamber, providing better heat reflection ● Removable door handle, ensures a cool touch when stoking or refueling the fire ●  Vertical smoke exit through the top     $4875

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