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Chimney Sweeps & Services for Wood Heaters



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When is the BEST time to request a service/sweep  –   SPRING & EARLY SUMMER*

Did you know you should have your wood heater serviced each year and your flue should be cleaned regularly.

Service your heater during spring or early summer.  This minimises the corrosive effect of creosote residues and condensation during the off-season.

Check the condition of the heater and flue, door seals, baffles, etc.^^  Check for bird nests in or near the flue system in the roof cavity.

Make it a habit to look outside and check your flue for smoke.  If it is smoking excessively, you are wasting fuel and heat and may be causing unnecessary emissions.  Increasing the air supply to the fire will help avoid a lot of smoke.


*  Bookings outside of Spring/Summer may not be able to be fulfilled due to it being our peak installation period

^^ replacement of parts & labour to repair are additional costs



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