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Jotul Fireplaces

Jotul is a traditional Norwegian company, boasting the highest quality standards since 1853.

Clean combustion – clean conscience

When you settle down in front of a Jotul fireplace you do so with a clean conscience.

Eco-friendly is profitable

Jotul’s clean-burning wood stoves need much less wood than the older generations of “dirty” stoves to generate the same heat. With correct use you will halve wood consumption and save money while helping the environment.

What does clean burning mean?

Clean combustion means the wood stove has a dual combustion system, that converts up to 90% of the gases and particles in the smoke to heat. Minimal smoke is emitted while the wood-stove uses energy to produce heat instead of smoke.

Recycling of cast iron

Jotul is heavily involved in research for the cleanest possible production at one of the world’s cleanest and most modern foundries. Raw materials for Jotul Fireplaces are based on recycling of iron that is smelted down and recast.