Wood Fireplace Lopi Endeavor

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RRP from $3,865* – excluding flue kit and installation

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*Price is for the Endeavour model with cast door and black legs only, and does not include optional extras. Please contact us for more information.

Product Description

The Lopi Endeavor is a classic step-top design featuring a radiant cooktop surface and a convection system for warming & moving the room air. It has the biggest and cleanest-burning firebox of any medium-size stove. The Endeavor also features a taller door opening than any other medium-size stove, allowing you to load bigger pieces of wood and produce longer burn times. In addition, a by-pass damper prevents smoke-backs while starting and reloading.
Completely firebrick lined firebox creating a thermal mass within the firebox maximising long burn times. With preheated combustion air channels and a secondary combustion tube introduces air to reignite any unburnt smoke and gases, which aid the clean burning & the overall efficiency of the heater.
Lopi Endeavor Specifications
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Lopi Endeavor Options and Finishes

Options and Finishes


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Lopi Wood Brochure
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