Eureka Fireplaces

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Eureka Fireplaces

Eureka Fireplaces is an Australian company that continues to create the latest range of woodheaters that conform to strict Australian emission levels. For many years Eureka Woodheating has been the pre-eminent brand in the Australian market place for woodheating based on quality, strength and prolonged high performance.

Why Buy A Eureka?

Eureka wood heaters are designed and manufactured in Australia. The Eureka ran has not only stood the test of time and change, but we continue to offer the most comprehensive and innovative range of quality products in Australia. From contemporary to classic, there is a style to suit everyone. Eureka over many years is the preferred choice for wood heating throughout the country.

Innovation, Technology, Clean Burning, Efficient and Natural

Heating your home with wood naturally ties in with the environment, the burning of wood in a Eureka wood heater provides a combustion process to ensure optimum heat output and maximum efficiency from your fuel. Recent changes to Australian Standards have seen the need for design changes which combine the latest technologies with innovation. Our designers have continued to provide improved performance to ensure Eureka remains at the forefront of wood heating appliances.

Functionality, Performance and Reliability

We understand the importance of functionality, performance, performance and reliability. 30 years strong, Eureka has an Australia wide dealer network who provide specialised service and advice. We ensure a simplistic approach to the heating of your home by paying attention to high output, plus efficient, reliable and safe operation of your wood heater. A quality product at an affordable price is of the utmost importance.

Styles to Suit Every Australian Home

There is a Eureka wood heater to suit every Australian home, 14 outstanding models and designs are available, from the famous bay window range to the sleek and stylish flat window freestanding and insert models. For those wishing to heat several areas, you may choose from two styles of double-sided wood heaters which can be placed through a plaster or brick wall.